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Doubleplus Alright Booking

You're probably here because someone in the band shared this link. Thank you for checking this out. Heck yes we'd love to play your show. We're vaxed and rehearsed and ready to go. We'd love to play your benefit show, your toxic beach festival, your Barkley Beach matinee, your house party, your rooftop brunch, your cornfield hoe-down. We'll be your opener and get everyone ready for your headliner. We'll play 25 minutes or 60 minutes - what do you need? We'll bring gear to share or we'll haul all of our own junk and clear out quickly for the next band. We're looking for fun venues and fun people who like loud raw hooky guitar-driven pop songs.

We're a 3 piece based in Oakland. We use 2 vocal microphones, a couple loud amps, a 3-piece kit. If you're into that sort of thing, we have a stage plot. We're a 3 piece, so you've probably done sound for way more complicated bands. Tell us if we need to bring mics and/or PAs. We're currently booking Summer and fall of 2023, but as we mentioned above we're open to filling in if you have a cancellation. Drop us a note on any of the socials if you want to set something up!

We've played around a bunch in the pre-pandemic times and we're starting to get back into the groove of regularly playing shows. More info on these events on some of the links below.

This isn't exactly the EPK, so our bio will be short. There's a little more info over on if you need it: Oakland's Doubleplus Alright blasts out bite-sized morsels of high-gain pop tremor. Chris (songwriting, guitar, vocals) & Nik (bass) met in Manatee (SLR 113, 161), Chris plays in blert and runs the annual Song-A-Day songwriting project. Mark has been in a zillion bay area bands.

Want to take a listen? Here's a rough recording from our set at Stay Gold in Oakland which has a taste of what we'd play at any gig in 2023. There's a video from recent rehearsals further down on this page if you want more.

More about Doubleplus Alright online:

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